How to Clean a Birds Aviary

How to Clean a Birds Aviary


Bird aviaries are a great way to keep birds safe and healthy. However, by using a birds aviary, the two natural things that usually keep their environment clean – rain and sunshine – are kept out. This means it is up to the owner to clean the bird aviary or bird cages to stop the development of infections and disease. See the following guide to keeping your pet bird and his home clean.

You Will Need

• Bird bedding
• Soap
• Vinegar
• Rags
• Spray bottle

birds aviary should have a covering on its floor to make cleaning much easier. This can come in the form of commercially made bedding/litter or paper. Paper should be changed each day; litter should be raked everyday and changed once a week.

Clean out the food and water containers in bird aviaries daily. Hot water and soap are the best ways to clean these, or put them in your dishwasher. Always give fresh food and water after the containers have been cleaned.

Now, wash the birds aviary walls, perches and other surfaces. Do this once a week with mild soap and hot water.

Plastic surfaces in the bird aviary should be washed with a solution of vinegar and water. Put this in a spray bottle and use it to wipe away muck and dirt, then use a soft rag to wipe dry.

Cleaning bird aviaries in this manner and frequency should eliminate the need for you to totally disinfect the environment. However, if you find yourself needing to do this, use a regular household bleach and make sure that everything has been thoroughly washed and rinsed before placing the birds back inside. Fumes from these products can be harmful to birds.

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