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Male Congo African Grey

(6 customer reviews)

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    • Sex: male
      Registered: Yes
      Pure Breed: Yes
      Free Shipping area: Worldwide,

We are a Small Breeder of Birds. We stay small so each baby gets all the attention they need and want. We hand feed our babies from 2 to 3 weeks old and as they ween to pellets and fruits we start finding new homes for them after they start feeding themselves. When totally weened the go to new home. They are very playful and well taken care of with all the love and attention they want. We carry most all birds when available. Congo African Grey

shipping accepted all over USA . Credit card and  money orders also accepted.

6 reviews for Male Congo African Grey

  1. Brent Garcia

    Largest selection of birds I have ever seen. Clean, well organized. Nice selection of accessories.

  2. Dominica Casey

    I bought a young African Grey Parrot from exoticbirdsforsale.net, and I am very impressed! All the employees are very patient. They answered so many of my questions! They educated me on how to handle and care for my new bird. They also have top quality foods & Toys. They also gave me a 9 page informational starting package that educated me on Household hazards etc… If you are looking for an African Grey Parrot, exoticbirdsforsale.net is the site for you!

  3. John Roberts

    I was so happy about every detail of this place. Not only do they care for the animals very well with the highest standards, they help each interested buyer to learn and follow those high standards to guarantee the best life for each animal. They have a large selection of unique and hard to find birds, a huge selection of great feed and treats in lots of varieties, and lots of toys and other accessories needed beyond just a great cage. Each bird is immediately vet checked and an entire DNA blood check done to be aware of any potential current or future concerns. The overall prices are somewhat higher than some other stores (think petco/petsmart), but for the detail and great care, it’s worth every cent. We even received a verified birth certificate for our bird, and found out they ensure this for every pet they sell because it can also help guarantee the history of the pet. And verify it was native, captive hatched, not wild caught.
    I couldn’t say enough praise of this place!

  4. Robert Neufeld

    If you’re looking about possibly buying a bird as a pet, exoticbirdsforsale.net is an excellent place to go. They went through the whole process with me with so much patience. They answered any and all questions I had. And they’re super friendly and knowledgeable about everything birds. I haven’t had a bird as a pet in a long time but this little guy has brought me a lot of joy. I highly recommend Parrot Stars. They treat you well.

  5. Clarence Pacheco

    The birds are amazing.. The staff is super friendly.. My absolute favorite bird site.

  6. Gary Kurland

    Top quality parrot shop. They truly care about the well-being of their birds and it shows. Also has a great selection of assorted foods and toys

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