Bonded pair male and female macaws

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  • Status : Available

  • ​Specie : Blue $ Gold Macaw

  • ​Age     : 2 year

  • ​Sex      : Male $ Female

  • ​Vaccinated : Yes

  • Trained $ Tamed : Yes

  •    Talk  :  Yes

Bonded pair male and female macaws

Bonded pair of macaws 2 years old . Green wing is male blue and gold is female. Must stay together. They come with a big cage that they share together. They were breeding birds before I inherited them but sadly can’t keep them as they really don’t like my other birds . Best home would be an aviary but they are currently indoors. They will come to you and take food off you ect . Hand reared in family home, been around dogs, cats and children. Talks words and sing together. contact if interested thanks

3 reviews for Bonded pair male and female macaws

  1. Wendy mccrary

    are these two available? ready to buy

    • admin

      yes they are.

  2. dregguz

    Is this gorgeous bird still available?

  3. chris

    Thank you so much. I got the younger Macaw. my parrot was delivered right at my door step.. your prices are really goo.. and really excited. thank you once again.

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