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Exotic Parrots For Sale


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RC Nova II

(4 customer reviews)


Large Parrots e.g. Macaw

203 x 101 x 204cm
198 x 97 x 180cm Internal
98 x 96 x 180cm Internal with Divider
2.5cm Bar Spacing
5mm Wire Strength

4x 102cm Perches
4x 15cm Bowls
1x Removable Divider

4 reviews for RC Nova II

  1. Carsten Ober

    Nice staff, fun atmosphere. The snack bar is clear but usable. But the food is secondary here. The birds are trusting and cheeky and make a healthy and happy impression. Well-stocked shop with toys and goodies.

  2. marie johnson

    I placed an order and after several weeks of trying to contact him for confirmation I left a review. He shortly responded confirming that the order had been cancelled.
    Following the cancellation of the order, my funds were refund to my Zella account back once i cancel the order and let the company know via customer service and it was 100% refunded back taking 5 days to get to my account thanks

  3. Alpha

    Excellent products , communication from the company is really good ,highly recommend

  4. tim paul

    Good service and good product

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