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Can Parrots Attack?

How to Stop Them?

You might have believed that pet parrots do not attack until your cockatoo tries to attack you. Don’t worry, there are ways to make it stop attacking you. But before we proceed to the solution, let’s first understand why parrots attack.

Parrots usually attack when they are annoyed by someone or something. During their breeding season, they get aggressive and are more likely to attack. They can attack their caretaker and fellow pets as well.

When do Parrots attack, and how to treat them

As mentioned, there are different situations in which parrots can attack. The solution to their aggression is different for all situations. Let’s talk about all the situations and how parrots should be helped.

Separation anxiety

Parrots are, by nature, social birds. They are affectionate and playful birds. The last thing your pet cockatoo wants from you is being left alone and not being given attention.

Parrots cannot stand being ignored and loneliness. They can fall into depression and stress if they are not given time. In such conditions, sometimes, pet cockatoos can develop aggression and start biting their owner.

Such parrots only need more care and love. Just give them more time than usual, and make sure your cockatoo has some toys to play with when he is alone.


Parrots love to play with their owner and other pets. But they do not like to be approached or interacted with if they are resting or not interested. They get aggressive and attack if they are forcefully touched on or interacted with in such situations.

Hormonal changes

Parrots go through hormonal changes during their breeding season. Both birds, especially the females, go through hormonal changes. These changes make them very protective of their eggs and babies.

The pair doesn’t like anyone touching their eggs or babies, and neither they like anyone staying close to their nest. If they feel insecure, they attack the intruder.


Like in the breeding season, parrots easily get irritated during the molting season. Their old feathers are dropping, and new feathers are emerging. This process irritates their skin, so they easily get aggressive. Molting lasts up to 2 months; after that, the birds get back to normal.

During molting, ensure you provide the bird with his favorite food and take better care of it. If the bird seems uninterested in playing, leave it alone.

How to stop cockatoo from attacking you?

The very first thing you need to do is identify why your parrots gets aggressive. What drives it to attack? If it is because of the breeding season or molting, it is temporary; give the bird some time. If the bird seems aggressive by nature, it needs help.

In the beginning, maintain some distance and start observing its body language; parrots always show some signs before they attack. For example, the most common sign is they flash their eyes, slowly run towards you with their beak open and hiss.

Don’t let the bird attack you, or it will develop this habit. Neither react to it, never hit the bird or shout at it. Just calmly maintain some distance.

Consider the below factors to treat such birds.

  • Ensure sure it has a suitable-sized cage with a perch.
  • Ensure it is served a suitable diet and it is eating properly.
  • Ensure it rests for at least 8-12 hours without light and noise.
  • If the bird is new, give it time to blend in the new environment before forcing it to bond with you.
  • Make sure no other pet or person is stressing it.
  • Start with verbal interactions, and observe if the bird responds positively.

Once the bird comes out of whatever stressful phase it was in and it is also comfortable around you, it will stop attacking you. All you need to do is maintain a favorable environment for the bird, take good care of it and win its trust.


Parrots never attack without reason. Once you maintain a good environment, keep your bird happy, and it also loves you back, it will never attack you.

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