How to Transport Pet Birds

How to Transport Pet Birds

How to Transport Pet Birds. Whether you need to take your pet birds to the vet, home or just a day out somewhere, you have to make sure that pet transport is safe and comfortable. When you buy birds, you have to be fully equipped with transportation means so that you can be prepared for any emergencies. Find out how you can transport your pet parrot or other similar birds in this guide.

Short Trips

First, you need to make sure that pet birds are secure and calm. Make sure you plan ahead so the process can run smoothly. If you’re making a short car journey, the best pet transport to use is a dark box such as a pet carrier or even a cardboard box with air holes.
Do not place toys or perches in the box with your pet transport. Instead put some of his cage bedding in there with a small cloth. This will provide some comforting familiarity.
Use a box or pet transport carrier that is not too big as the bird should not have too much space to move around. Hopefully, pet birds will snuggle into the cloth rather than try to flap about.
For longer journeys your pet transport needs will be different. Buy a travel-sized cage and remove the perches. Only keep in toys that are secure to the cage walls and that cannot swing to hurt your pet parrot.
Provide food and water but do not fill the bowls right up and lay a towel to soak any spillages in the cage. Drape another towel over the cage to provide a calmer environment. Chat to the bird in transit so they have something familiar to comfort them. Make sure you bring some extra food and water in case the bird needs it.
Position your pet transport carrier or cage so that it is stable in the vehicle and will not fall off the seat.

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