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Baby African Grey for Sale

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    • Sex: male
      Registered: Yes
      Pure Breed: Yes
      Free Shipping area: Worldwide,

Baby African Grey for Sale 10 weeks old Congo grey baby DNA test female. First come , first get. We are in California area. One time feeding per day $1000 . . I have a next nest babies available by end of September. Accept reservations now.

Shipping Notes

Thank you for taking the time to check out our listing. All our birds are very well socialized and used to everyday household activity. At  Exotic Parrots For Sale USA, you can trust in our 7 years of unmatched experience and quality. We offer a 1 month genetic health guarantee on all weaned baby birds (see our guarantee tab) and gender analysis for all babies over $1000.00.

7 reviews for Baby African Grey for Sale

  1. William Turner

    If you are a bird parent, or preparing to become one, this place is a must see. I had such a hard time finding things for my birds. Exoticbirdsforsale.net are one stop site with extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. All their birds look healthy and well cared for as well.

  2. Matthew Evans

    I can’t even describe how good of a experience I had at exoticbirdsforsale.net, Eli was so welcoming the first day i came in and it stayed like that for each visit, Eli went out of his way to let me come to the shop 2-3 times a week to visit with my bird till he was ready to come home. He would never rush me and he would always answer my million questions each time I came in, he also answered all my phone calls about updates. Eli really made sure that my baby boy meadow was fully eating on his own before sending him home, he also is able to get there DNA test for you along with common disease tests. Eli socializes with all of his birds so they are exposed to human contact and that really helps when taking them home and continuing with training. I will definitely be coming back to the shop anytime I need supplies!!! Best bird store in California, go check it out!!!

  3. Billy Miller

    We love exoticbirdsforsale.net! They really care about parrots and their conservation. Very helpful anytime I have a question about any of our birds. All their birds appear happy and well cared for, and we’ve never had health issues with birds we adopted our purchased from them. Plenty of cages, toys, accessories– really anything you could need for your feathered friend. Fair warning: Parrots are LOUD! Anybody sensitive to noise should enter prepared for that.

  4. Beth Scheiber

    Exoticbirdsforsale.net was such a great experience. I called ahead and asked if they had any grey parrot available and i was informed that there were some available as well as his availability (this was Christmas Eve). I drove up immediately to “look”… and well, I brought home a wonderful babyAfrican Grey parrot that day. This is day 5 of us being together and baby bird is already super curious about the space and me. I can tempt them with seed from my hands. They are soo cute and adorable. We’re already beginning “step up” training (They seem to try and steal seed from me before stepping up LOL) I’m having so much fun. You can tell that they were handled and hand raised. The birds on this site are awesome (I was kind of jealous,) but I’m so glad I chose this site to bring home another bird friend. I even picked up a couple perches when I was there. They recommended a great vet who was able to get me in for a general check up really quickly, as my normal vet takes a while to schedule, and baby bird passed with flying colors. Thank you so much, exoticbirdsforsale.net.

  5. Andrea Bordelon

    Exoticbirdsforsale.net truly cares about their birds, and I cannot recommend them enough. Our little Nova acclimated herself to our home immediately. She was obviously used to attention and companionship from humans as she became bffs with my husband immediately. She always wants to be around us and will screech if she is missing the action. Nova has a HUGE appetite and will eat from our hands. She is already succeeding with trigger training and responds to her name after us having her for only 5 days.

    I will definitely come back when we are ready for our next bird

  6. Ida Williams

    Finally i own African Grays am the happiest person in the world right now . These Birds are very lovely Larry & Milly . Intelligent Birds i just LOVE them so so much . Thank you for your time

  7. Johnny Armstrong

    So Happy with my experience! I live in New Jersey and received my African grey via airplane cargo. Eli was so helpful over the phone guiding us the whole time. We were a little scared about how the bird would be after the airplane and the ride home. On the last tie on the carrier he was talking!! He came right out and started eating and drinking. Within ten minutes he was at home. Thank you so much all the way from Jersey!

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