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African Grey Female (Congo)

(7 customer reviews)

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  • Sex:  females
    Registered: Yes
    Pure Breed: Yes
    Free Shipping area: WorldWide,

Our young Female African Grey Parrot by name  Megan is a tame bird who loves enjoying the company. She is very good at copying voices. She says Good morning, Hello, what are you doing, come on, see you later, bye bye, good night and so on. She will let you tap on her head, she loves getting into bath, she like fruits, nuts, fries, pasta, pizza etc. She is very friendly but does take 4-5 days to get to know you. She has Full Feathers On. She will step on your hand/stick if you say step on Megan. These birds needs a company, the buyer should spent good time with this parrot. This add is for serious/genuine buyers only. young Female African Grey Parrot for sale

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7 reviews for African Grey Female (Congo)

  1. Beate

    Went there as a field trip for RVT major, enjoyed the experience! Very beautiful birds with variation of breeds, colors, & sizes.

  2. J K

    I was shocked to see the life birds department. The parrots looked happy and welcoming, fighting over a toy and there was food all over the enclosures. The noise from the exotic birds, scared the tropical parrots that where going bonkers because of fair from the aggressive sounding shouting.
    Besides the dog, there are rare animals like sloths, that are nocturnal and are forced to stay in the busy store. i got a mini parrot to take home as a gift for my son

  3. Sara Jarrett

    Very friendly and knowledgeable site.

  4. Hortencia Dale

    Very informative, this is the site to go too, if your seeking info on parrots or thinking of buying parrots.

  5. Donald Manning

    Cleanest bird site I’ve been to. Amazing birds and the people are great especially from an educational standpoint. Amazing place!

  6. Johnny Bergeron

    Owner is very knowledgeable and helpful, even months after purchase. They truly care about the welfare of their animal above all else.

  7. Eric Snow

    Great selection of birds! All of the bird were well taken care of and the’re quite friendly

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