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Blue and Gold Macaw Eggs

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Healthy blue and gold macaw eggs available.  Buy from 5 and above and get a discount.

What temperature should parrot eggs be incubated at?

Blue and Gold Macaw Eggs. Incubate the eggs in an incubator designed for parrot or exotic bird eggs. The incubator you use should have accurate temperature control within onetenth of one degree, and ideally a system for humidity control. Maintain the temperature at 99.3 degrees F, and the humidity at 40 to 50 percent. Blue and Gold Macaw Eggs for sale 

How long does it take for a parrot egg to hatch?

Incubation Duration. Parrot egg incubation periods can vary by breed but are typically between 24-28 days. Some parrot breeds can hatch in as little as 18 days. Research your specific breed to find out how long your egg will need to be incubated.

We will ship your order long with a hatching guide. That will assist you throughout the process of Hatching, Feeding and Raising the Babies.

Species Egg Size (cm)
Hyacinth macaw 4.8 x 3.8
Scarlet macaw 4.8 x 3.8
Blue and Gold macaw 4.6 x 3.6
Blue-throated macaw 3.7x 3.0
Military macaw 4.8 x 3.8
Green-winged macaw 4.8 x 3.8
Red-fronted macaw 4.8 x 3.8
Hahn’s macaw 3.2 x 2.5
Most small-medium sized macaws 3.7 x 3.0
Egg size of macaw species

If you have a macaw that is not listed in the above table, find the size of a similar-sized species. The size of eggs is almost the same among the species with similar body sizes.

What factors affect the size of macaw eggs?

As already mentioned, certain factors affect the egg size of macaws. Let’s talk about them.


Larger species lay bigger eggs than smaller species. Since their body structure is overall large, they have a large ovary, and their newborn babies are also large; they lay larger eggs.


Age also contributes to the size of eggs. If a macaw breeds as soon as it hits puberty, it usually lays smaller eggs than usual. In fact, this also affects its body size. This is why most experienced breeders prefer keeping young macaws separate, so they do not mate until they are mature. macaw parrots eggs for sale

Breeding history

Moreover, the breeding history of macaws parrots also impacts egg size. Usually, macaws lay smaller eggs during the first 1-2 breeding seasons. But as the female macaw ages and has already laid a few eggs, she starts laying bigger eggs.

How long can eggs sit before you put them in the incubator?

Turn the eggs to a new position once daily until placing in the incubator. Hatchability holds reasonably well up to 3 weeks. Therefore, do not store eggs more than 3 weeks before incubating.

Eggs sometimes fail to hatch. There are various reasons why this might have happened:

  • Females sometimes lay eggs when there are no males to fertilize them
  • A female may lay underutilized eggs if the male has failed to achieve a successful coupling
  • Single eggs may fail to hatch, due to a chick failing to develop properly inside, or because the egg itself somehow managed to avoid being fertile macaw parrots eggs for sale
  • The hen may neglect her eggs due to inexperience or stress – this is quite common in first-time layers
  • If the nest box isn’t a suitable size and shape the egg may have fallen to the floor and killed the embryo inside
  • The male bird could be infertile
  • The proximity of other birds or external distractions may be the issue – the female may be too stressed to sit on her eggs
  • Nutrition is important – if eggs fail to hatch due to soft shells, it’s a sign that the hen didn’t get enough calcium (from cuttlefish bone or a mineral block, for example) when she was producing the eggs. fertile macaw parrots eggs for sale

3 reviews for Blue and Gold Macaw Eggs

  1. Jessy

    Very knowledgeable, friendly, and genuine concern for the birds and customers that they see. I travel from the Willowbrook are to come here because they’re that good.

  2. Deborah Hadley

    What an experience. We came for parrot food and ended up staying 2.5 hours! The staff are amazing, so knowledgeable and friendly, really helped us. Lots of interesting things and animals to see and an incredible selection for your parrots at all price ranges. We will definitely come back, the kids loved it! thanks for the parrot eggs they just hatch this morning

  3. Ashnully

    Amazing pet shop. Many varieties of parrots and parrots eggs not seen in other stores. All animals looked well looked after. i got 10 blue and gold macaw parrot eggs from them and it was deliver within 3 days thanks i now got my chicks

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