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Dna Tested Female African Grey Parrot

(17 customer reviews)

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    • Sex: female
      Registered: Yes
      Pure Breed: Yes
      Free Shipping area: Worldwide,

Dna Tested Female African Grey Parrot

Well Tamed. Loves men. Never bites of lunges. Really good temperament. Loves talking and cuddles cones with cities. 1 year old Congo African Grey DNA tested female. She is very healthy, talks a lot, whistles and makes various sounds like the microwave, vacuum cleaner etc.
She comes with her cage, toys, food and DNA Certificate. She likes sunshine and cuddles. She is hand tamed and love attention. She also like skydiving and surfing and long walks on the beach. Just kidding I’m not big on walking


17 reviews for Dna Tested Female African Grey Parrot

  1. L. A.

    We were just having breakfast here at Parrot Park. Highly Recommended!
    It is a beautiful experience to be with the parakeets and parrots.

  2. gralion torile

    Good info. Lucky me I reach on your website by accident, I bookmarked it.

  3. Anton

    Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely believe that this site needs much more attention. I’ll probably be back
    again to read more, thanks for the advice! aid ukraine

  4. Jose Ruff

    Awesome beautiful birds

  5. Barbara Phillips

    Very helpful and friendly site. Lots of birds to choose from!

  6. Michael Scott

    Beautiful selection of birds.

  7. Daniel Brown

    Great place, site very knowledgeable on the care of parrots. They have all the supplies you would ever need. Great site

  8. Roland Benes

    I was so impressed wth this site, and all the birds as well, as how they are handled. Honestly I can’t wait to come again!

  9. Rebecca Young

    This place is truly awesome! Very caring and nice people. Incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and good in every way.

  10. Sarah Ewing

    I had been looking for a bird for weeks at many establishments before finding exoticbirdsforsale.net. I am so blessed to have come across this place! Of all the places I had gone, none compared to exoticbirdsforsale.net!

  11. Glenda Barajas

    The bird we purchased was so well adjusted. And on top of that, they provided us with so much information and made it known that they would be a resource moving forward. It really put my mind at ease knowing these knowledgeable people who work here would be able to help me through the next 30 years of bird ownership!

  12. Claude White

    Very good experience!

  13. Daniel Tong

    Wow! What an amazing experience! Beautiful birds.

  14. Aaron Murphy

    Great site! Very helpful and knowledgeable!!!

  15. James Fox

    They are incredibly attentive to their customers and make sure the birds are in excellent health. Highly recommend!

  16. Gary Herrera

    Best site & beautiful birds

  17. Oscar Compton

    If you want a bird, come to this place! They have so many different parrots. The people who run the place are incredible and very knowledgeable. You can tell that they sincerely love what they do and they’re very good at it. Great place to get healthy birds!

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