Pair Of African Grey Baby Parrots


  • Status : Available

  • ​Specie : African Grey

  • ​Age     : 2Months

  • ​Sex      : Both Male/Female

  • ​Vaccinated : Yes

  • Tamed : Yes

African Grey Baby Parrots

Bring this beautiful, friendly, trained Congo African Grey parrot baby home! Are you up for the excitement and challenge of giving a loving home to this awesome baby raised by Parrot Wizard in Exoticbirdsforsale?
Here are babies grey parrots that is friendly, social, talkative, and highly skilled! You get a hand raised baby with a great personality and without bad habits.

· Healthy well-adjusted bird
· Weaned onto a varied and nutritious diet
· Flighted and adept at flight
· Raised in a quiet environment
· Socialized to a variety of people, places, and objects
· Raised with abundance of toys and enrichment
· Target Trained
· Step-Up Trained
· Flight Recall Trained
· Harness Trained

· Good with both men and women
· Accustomed to going outside
· Used to many people, places, and objects

This bird is:
· not chased by hands
· not hand phobic
· no force step up
· no wing clipped
· no noise/ no cursing
· no exposure to untested birds


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